"A mind preoccupied with the unknown - the vast potential in every moment - is bound to delight in horror and monster films, because the subconscious is made manifest, the horror revealed - even one transcendent moment in a film can thrill.

I'm drawn to horror movies by that combination of metaphor and heightened reality. The focus on fear, the most potent and influential of human emotions, draws attention to the elemental forces at work in life's interactions.

As a result, Horror possesses a certain psychological rawness not found in other genres. Horror suggests a world unknown, which at least opens the mind to spiritual issues. There is an aesthetic in that, an aesthetic of mystery, darkness, but also of transcendence.

I am also interested in sadness, because violence and disorientation have reprocussions beyond the individual's horror, there is haunting and loss for those left behind.

My interest is to bring classic horror themes into an everyday modern scenario, and to use the genre to explore the philosophies and yearnings of people in extreme but real situations."


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