Have you ever been afraid of the quiet of the snow? Have you ever wondered if there's an avenging force in nature?

Have you ever realized there could never be justice in the world when one man's justice is another man's outrage...?

Welcome to a world of relativity, grief, sadness... and dread.

Welcome to the world of...

ART: Brahm Revel STORY: Larry Fessenden OUT FEBRUARY 2002

Before there was a film, I knew I wanted to make a comicbook based on the script I’d written. And I knew that working with a comicbook artist, I’d be able to create basic storyboard concepts, and have an opportunity to pre-visualize the film before production. I met Brahm Revel the day of the Colombine Murders, through a mutual friend, while they were students at New York’s Cooper Union. Brahm was ripe to design his first full-length comic book, and we embarked on a collaboration that would last two years, from before pre-production to after post.


Brahm Revel:
Born 24 years ago in the old port town of San Francisco. He was raised in the heart of the Mission district, by a single mother and a small child named Camus. At the tender age of 17 he headed east to try his luck in Old New York. After a four year bid at the Cooper Union he relocated to a dilapidated warehouse in Brooklyn to draw comics. His first professional work came when an eccentric benefactor named Larry Fessenden, commissioned a 75 page comic adaptation of his movie Wendigo. Since then Brahm has made rent as a realtor, a wallpaper manufacturer, a print technician, and an amateur bullshit artist. He’s done illustration work for Supreme Skateboards, Broke-in Magazine, and other independent filmmakers. He doesn’t have a web page or a cell phone and has a great fondness for cheap beer and monkeys who think they’re people.

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